Lightforce CBSW2 Switch Universal On-On-Off

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Lightforce Switch Universal On-On-Off

Lightforce Switch Universal On-On-Off


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Lightforce On-On-Off Switch:

Suitable for use with the HTX allowing the user to setup what function (LED/HID) light is activated in the middle switch position, then both activated in the top switch position.

The Lightforce Roo logo illuminates (white) via the dash light circuit, once the switch is pushed on the lower Lightforce is also activated (blue).


Switch position 1 activates the first accessory (Lightforce illuminates blue) 
Switch position 2 maintains power to first accessory and activates second accessory
Switch position 3 both accessories off

Wiring instructions

 Terminal 2 - Power 1 in
 Terminal 3 - Power out to accessory 1  
 Terminal 5 - Power 2 in
 Terminal 6 - Power out to accessory 2
 Terminal 7 - Connect to vehicles earth (negative)
 Terminal 8 - Power from dash lights

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